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Package Deals

Wellness is not achieved in a single event but through an on-going commitment to your well-being. We want to help you get there, so we have designed wellness packages with just that in mind. You can now more easily and affordably receive the services and the treatments you need at Interior Sports & Leisure Massage. Packages may be conveniently purchased by phone, online, or in person. 


Package 1:

3- 60 Minute Massage Sessions for $243! (Save $27)


3- 90 Minute Massage Sessions for $351! (Save $39)


Package 2:

6- 60 Minute Massage Sessions for $450! (Save $90)


6- 90 Minute Massage Sessions for $650! (Save $130)


Package 3:

12- 60 Minute Massage Sessions for $810! (Save $270)


12- 90 Minute Massage Sessions for $1170! (Save $390)


**Package deals must be paid for in advance to qualify for the discounted rate.  Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotional offer. Packages are non-transferable. Package deals do not have an expiration date.**






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